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Twitter Shares New Insights into Rising Football Discussion in the App [Infographic]

Twitter has shared some new insights into the rising discussion around college football and the NFL, which, like most sports, has seen a big rise in interest this year.

Maybe the COVID disruptions over the past two seasons have given fans a different kind of appreciation for their favorite teams and players, or maybe it’s just the return of crowds, and being able to participate once again. But clearly, as you can see in these numbers, the interest in football has increased, in various ways, throughout the first part of the season.

Twitter also highlights related topics, and the rising interest in fantasy football and sports betting, which could provide some valuable pointers for potential brand tie-ins for your campaigns.

It’s a worthy consideration – and again, with interest in sport increasing across the board, now’s the time to get involved if you see opportunity for your brand awareness efforts.

Twitter football discussion infographic

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