Microsoft Bing Lists All Of BingBot’s IP Addresses In JSON File

Not to be outdone by Google, Microsoft’s Fabrice Canel announced that it has published BingBot’s IP addresses in this JSON file. This is in addition to the methods to verify Microsoft Bing is crawling your site and it isn’t some rogue bot pretending to be BingBot.

Here is the JSON file of the BingBot IP addresses for you to use going forward.

Here is the current list of IP address ranges for BingBot:

There is also the verify BingBot tool you can use over here if you want. Google also added a link to the JSON file of the IP addresses on that help page. There was/is also a revere DNS option for this as well.

Last time we saw Microsoft publish IPs for its crawler was 10 years ago when it was named MSNBot.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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