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It’s Getting Cooler, Throw on a Jacket: The Best Men’s Jackets for Fall 2021 | Lifestyles

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With fall around the corner, temperatures cooling, and leaves starting to turn our favorite colors of orange, it is time to open up our closets, push our summer clothes aside, and dust off the jackets banished to the back of our wardrobes. 

We are now in October and we can clearly see the changing in seasons. There are more leaves on the ground, the morning air is feeling a bit more crisp, and our local retailers are already starting to pull out the Halloween decorations. 

If you live in a place that experiences all four seasons, you know that as the year progresses your wardrobe takes on a seasonal shuffle. Graphic tees are traded in for long sleeves and we often find ourselves both too hot and too cold as we make that awkward transition from summer to fall. With a drop in temperature we tend to put on more layers, but too many layers or a bulky sweater during this time of year just feels uncomfortable. Being that we are now in the fall season, it is a good time for one of those light jackets.

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