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How and Why to Post from Instagram to Pinterest

With all the work you put into Instagram – creating beautiful images with inspiring captions and useful hashtags, wouldn’t it be nice if you could suddenly double the impact of that work on your marketing?

What if every Instagram post could also draw in new, engaged followers on Pinterest, getting your content in front of more Pinners, AND bring in new Instagram followers in the process?

Sounds a little too good to be true, but with Tailwind for Instagram, you can do all of this while you schedule your posts – it just takes ONE little click.

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Why Auto Post from Instagram to Pinterest?

There are over 250 million People on Pinterest every month – each one of them actively looking for what to do, try, or buy next. 

Pinterest loves content creators who consistently add fresh, actionable, and inspiring content to their platform. They recommend these creators as someone to follow, and help surface their content to new followers.

Truth is though, consistently creating Pinterest-worthy content is tough for a lot of us. Writing a blog post, a how to, or crafting a new recipe takes time – something always in short supply!

But you’re likely already creating Instagram images all the time! Because Pinners love inspiring content, easily-digestible tips, and inspiring quotes, you’ll find that many of your Instagram posts are perfect for Pinterest, too.

Now that we can claim our Instagram (and Etsy and YouTube) accounts on Pinterest, the incentive to post your Instagram images to Pinterest just increased tremendously! Content Pinned from your claimed Instagram account is attributed to you as the creator, and shows you profile photo and a prominent “Follow” button on each Pin.Save your Instagram posts to Pinterest!

How do you decide which Instagram posts should go to Pinterest? If you have a beautiful image with a useful or inspiring text overlay or description, go for it! The more quality content you can share on Pinterest, the better your engagement and reach will become.

Screenshot of Instagram Marketing Pinterest Board
Try sprinkling in some relevant Instagram images on Pinterest to grow your reach and get more engaged followers!

Do remember though, that Instagram posts aren’t linkable, so to share something from Instagram to Pinterest with the aim of getting them to find something your site (such as a blog post or product listing) isn’t ideal.  Instead, share a Pinterest-specific image for your blog post which links right to the post.

Instagram is perfect for building personal connections with your followers. On Instagram, they want to see your company BBQ photos or your office dog hanging out on the couch – but they don’t want to see that on Pinterest. Only post from Instagram to Pinterest when you know it will be engaging to the audience on that platform. Likewise, a short-term sale is great subject matter for Instagram, but not for Pinterest, where Pins live forever.

How to Auto Post from Instagram to Pinterest

Tailwind makes this so easy! When scheduling an Instagram post to auto post, just click the “Amplify with Pinterest” box, choose a relevant Board (or choose a default board and never have to take that step again), and go!

gif of how to auto post to Pinterest from Instagram using Tailwind

What about all those wonderful Instagram images you may have posted in the past? Is it too late to put them to work on Pinterest ? No way! Just go to Tailwind on your Pinterest account, head over to Publisher > Pin from Instagram, and use the Tailwind button to schedule it to Pinterest!

Pin from Instagram screen in Tailwind

To get started, you need a Tailwind for Instagram account and a Tailwind for Pinterest account. Try a free trial of Tailwind for Instagram – no credit card required.

Auto Post from Instagram to Pinterest – In Conclusion:

Your consistency on Instagram can easily translate to you becoming a prolific content creator on Pinterest – something Pinterest loves and rewards with marketing success!

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