Google Says It Does Not Know If There Will Be Another Core Update In 2021

As you know, we are all awaiting the next big Google core algorithm update and while we know it will be coming, we are all wondering if it will come by the year end? John Mueller of Google was asked this and he said, he does not know.

The last core update we had was July 2021 and then a month prior to that with the June core update. Before that we had no other core updates in 2021. So far this year, we had two core updates – which is an unusually low number of core updates for the year. Before that, we had a core update in early December 2020, the December core update. Although 2020 was a slow core update year as well.

I do suspect, if I had to guess, we’d have another core update in December, next month or in January 2022.

John added on Twitter that the reason they do not give us timelines for these core updates is because “sometimes these things are hard to say in advance.” He said he has “seen cases where even an hour before a planned launch things get pushed back for years.” So Google would not want to promise something and miss the deadline.

Here are those tweets:

I do not think Danny Sullivan responded to this yet and he might know better in terms of timelines – to be honest.

In any event – if I had to guess, we will see one in December 2021.

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