Google Promises More Algorithm Updates, Including Core Updates, Spam Updates & Other Updates

Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed that Google will be releasing more search algorithm updates. This includes more core updates, more spam update and other search related algorithm updates. He said this on Twitter adding “we have updates all the time.”

Danny made three points in this tweet:

Danny is saying:

(1) Google has search updates all the time. I guess not just when Google confirms them. 🙂

(2) Google will release more “spam updates, more core updates, likely more of other types” in the future.

(3) Plus, Google is trying hard to release these updates so they do not overlap with other updates. Danny wrote “We also have been working to keep different update types launched separately from each other when we can, so creators have a better sense of changes.” Google has said this before and we’ve seen this recently, in the past couple of years, that Google has been making this effort.

We haven’t had a core update since July 2021 – so we are expecting one soon – will it be before the holiday season (i.e. Black Friday). But we currently have a November spam update rolling out for the next few days or so. Maybe we will have core update next week?

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