Google November Spam Update Go After Cloaked Spam Content With Injected Links?

Last week, Google announced the rollout of the November spam update, which Google said targeted types of content spam. Glenn Gabe said it may have targeted cloaking content spam that had links injected in that cloaked content.

Glenn said he spotted at least (maybe more) two sites that saw huge declines in indexing after the rollout of this November spam update and they both have the same issue, they both have tons of cloaked content with links on their sites.

Here is the first example he shared on Twitter:

Here is the second example he shared yesterday on Twitter:

I am not sure if this means that November spam update just went after cloaked content spam with links in it or it targeted larger issues where these two example sites also were hit. I am just not sure.

Did you see examples of sites get hit hard by this November spam update?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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