Google Cloud Networking Outage Darkens Websites

Google Cloud is experiencing an outage that is causing websites to display 404 page not found errors. The problem at this time is partially resolved and sites are coming back online.

The Google Cloud outage incident took down major websites such as Snapchat, Discord, and Spotify.

The issues was specific to Google Cloud Networking and according to the latest Google Cloud incident report the issue appeared to be partially remedied about twenty minutes later.

However the same incident report also noted that there is not estimate as to when the underlying problem will be fully resolved.

Google’s Cloud Status Dashboard explained:


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“Incident affecting Google Cloud Networking

Global: Experiencing Issue with Cloud networking

Summary: Global: Experiencing Issue with Cloud networking

Description: We are experiencing an issue with Cloud Networking beginning at Tuesday, 2021-11-16 09:53 US/Pacific.

Diagnosis: Customers may encounter 404 errors when accessing web pages.

Workaround: None at this time.”

Google subsequently updated their status to say that the problem was partially fixed:

“Description: We believe the issue with Cloud Networking is partially resolved.

Customers will be unable to apply changes to their load balancers until the issue is fully resolved.”

Many Sites Are Affected

Jason Barnard posted that his website was down:


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According to a tweet by Akvile DeFazio, sites such as SEMRush and Spotify were throwing 404 response codes:

Many other major sites went down as well:


Google Cloud Incident Report

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