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Giving Tuesday Ideas and Fundraising Plan Template

For nonprofit professionals, Giving Tuesday is a big opportunity to drive donations ahead of your end-of-year campaign. Just take a look at these stats:

In 2020, Giving Tuesday donations totaled more than $2.47 billion, engaging 34.8 million participants!

The NonProfit Times

That’s a lot of donations! To make sure that your cause is a part of the excitement, you’ll need a fundraising plan. Don’t worry — we’ll walk you through some effective Giving Tuesday ideas and share our free Giving Tuesday Fundraising Plan.

But first — we’ll walk through some general must-knows about Giving Tuesday so you can maximize your fundraising.

Keep your organization growing with expert advice and all the tools you need, all in one place.

When is Giving Tuesday 2021?

This year, Giving Tuesday is on Novemer 30, 2021. The global day of giving always takes place on the first Tuesday following the big holiday shopping days like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

How do I use Giving Tuesday to raise money for my cause?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to bring your fundraising online and maximize giving around the holiday. You’ll need a solid mix of storytelling, email marketingsocial media marketing, and a way to accept donations online.

Free Giving Tuesday Ideas and Fundraising Plan

Now that you understand how Giving Tuesday works, it’s time to take a look at our Giving Tuesday ideas and follow our fundraising plan template! You can download the fundraising plan template by clicking on the image below, or read on for inspiration for your own Giving Tuesday campaign.

Giving Tuesday Ideas and Fundraising plan
Download our free Giving Tuesday Plan template.

Why bother with this guide?

We’re going to show you how to harness email, web, and social media to run a successful online donation campaign for Giving Tuesday.

Today, you’ll set a fundraising goal and launch an online donation page that is optimized for mobile and motivates your constituents to give.

Here’s the best part: You can then use this plan again and again to drive fundraising success throughout the New Year.

What we’ll show you.

  1. How to put together a plan to let your supporters know about your campaign and why they should donate.
  2. How to execute your plan
  3. How to extend this simple framework for continued fundraising success throughout the New Year.

What you’ll need.

A platform to create an online donation page. A permission-based email list of supporters

to contact.

A Facebook Page for your organization (we’ll provide you with ideas and examples of engaging Facebook posts).

Planning your Giving Tuesday donation campaign

Like with any successful fundraiser, you’re going to need to do some planning before launching your online donation campaign. This will help you set a fundraising goal, choose the right words for your online donation page, and start to map out a promotion strategy to get in front of the right people.

So how do you do it? Let’s take a look.

1. Set your goal.

What’s your vision of success? Of course you want people to donate. But after the campaign has ended, what specifically would make it a success? What is the dollar amount? What will these funds enable you to do that you’re currently not able to get done?

Think about these questions and write down your goals.

2. Understand your audience

Once you’ve thought about what you want to accomplish, you can shift your focus to the people you’re trying to reach. A good place to start is to think about your ideal supporter.

Ask yourself these questions and write down your answers:

  • Why do your biggest supporters typically support your organization? 
  • What is unique about the work that you’re doing?
  • What inspired them to donate in the past?
  • Was there a particular fundraiser that stood out?
  • What is the average amount your supporters generally give?

3. Understand your value

Your audience has a number of organizations they can support, so why should they support your cause?

Ask yourself:

  • Who will benefit from the funds you are able to raise?
  • What difference will their donation make?
  • Why are you asking for funds at this time? 
  • Is there urgency to your ask?

4. Create your donation page

Use the answers from steps 1-3 to create your donation campaign.

Your goal will be one of the most important aspects of your page. You should also use your answers in the other steps to start drafting the content for your donation page.

Here’s an example of how to put it all together

In this example, we’ll use a nonprofit called Giving Goodness as an example

Step 1

Giving Goodness wanted to raise $5,000 to provide gifts for 100 children during the holiday season.

Step 2

They know that the average donation from their active supporters is about $25-$50.

Step 3

They also know that when supporters can see how their funds will be used, they are more likely to donate.

Step 4

Giving Goodness creates an online donation campaign with a goal to raise $5,000 in 3 weeks. The fundraiser kicks off on Giving Tuesday.

They include a recommended donation of $40, and include details on prices for gifts they plan to purchase with the funds that are raised.

That’s it!

Now that you have your online donation campaign set up, it’s time to put a plan into place to let people know about it.

Your Giving Tuesday donation promotional plan (with ideas)

You’ve set a fundraising goal and have the information you need to launch an effective online donation campaign. Now, it’s time to figure out how you’ll get the word out about your campaign in time for Giving Tuesday.

Offline promotion

You’re likely interacting with potential donors in a number of places offline. This could include volunteer opportunities, community events, and other public gatherings.

As you start to plan your online donation campaign, look for ways to use these interactions to promote your campaign.

Email promotion

We suggest an email plan that includes a total of three messages: 

  1. An announcement of your campaign
  2. A reminder
  3. A last chance message

Facebook and other social media promotion

In addition to your regular Facebook updates, also plan on letting people know about your campaign.

Sample 3-email promotion plan

Email 1

Announce your donation campaign.

Let people know about your fundraising goal, how the funds will be used, and what they can do now to get involved.

Email 2

Send a reminder.

Give people a nudge just before your campaign ends. This is a great opportunity to update people on your progress, and encourage them to share with friends.

Email 3

Send a “thank you” email.

Send an email on the last day of your campaign, thanking your audience for showing their support. This is a great opportunity to provide a final update with a last chance link to get involved before the campaign expires.

Sample 3-post Facebook promotion plan

With social media, you can promote your campaign across a variety of channels and use different content to get the word out. Below, we’ve provided three examples of different posts you can try to promote your campaign on Facebook.

Post 1

Once you’ve launched your campaign, post an update to announce it to your current fans. Remember to include a link back to your online donation page and give people a reason to donate and share.

Post 2

Post a series of updates and reminders while your campaign is running. You can share your progress with fans and use different types of posts (text, photos, and videos) to encourage them to share.

Post 3

Let people know it’s the last chance to contribute. Post an image of you and your staff to your Facebook Page with a message thanking people for their gifts so far and encouraging last-minute donations.

Executing your Giving Tuesday donation promotion plan

First, you’ll want to take the time to create the content for your emails and Facebook posts. Your prep work on the previous pages should make it easy! 

And, if you’re using Constant Contact, be sure to check out the specially created nonprofit email templates designed to save you time.

Next, you’ll want to schedule your emails and social posts. With Constant Contact, you’ll be able to schedule your emails and social posts in advance, all from one platform.

If you want to best collect donations online, make sure to add a Donation Action Block to your emails using Contant Contact’s email editor.

You’ll find this free worksheet in our Giving Tuesday Fundraising Plan Template.

Tip: Make sure to spread the timing of your email and social messages out to help generate donations and word-of-mouth throughout the life of your campaign.

Giving Tuesday ideas to ensure your plan’s success

It’s important to regularly check in on your campaign to see how things are going. In addition

to the total funds raised, you’ll also want to use your email and social reports to see how your promotions are being received. Based on how things are going, you may want to tweak your strategy to reach more people.

Here are a few things you can try to help ramp up your campaign:

  1. Follow up with donors to say thanks.
    If you’re using Constant Contact to run your donation campaign, you will be able to see when a supporter makes a donation. Consider creating a special “thank you” email to send to those contacts to thank them for their donation and encourage them to share.
  2. Watch your click reports.
    If you see people who have clicked through to learn more about your campaign that haven’t made a donation, you can create a separate email list and send a special reminder just to them with more information about the campaign.
  3. Pay to promote on social media.
    If you’re not seeing the type of reach you want on social media, you can use Facebook advertising to promote your campaign and reach a wider audience on Facebook.
  4. Get your staff involved.
    Make sure you’re tapping into all of the people who make your organization what it is to raise awareness for your campaign.

More Giving Tuesday ideas to help extend your success into the New Year

You’ve successfully put together a successful online donation campaign. But don’t stop now! Take advantage of the success of your campaign to help raise awareness and promote your cause. Let’s take a look at how you can extend your success.

Be sure to ask new donors to join your email list

when they make a donation. With Constant Contact, you’ll be able to automatically collect contact information from new donors. Make sure to follow up with everyone who donated to let them see the difference their contributions are making.

Celebrate your success

Look for opportunities to bring people together after the campaign has ended to celebrate your accomplishments. This is a great way to build relationships with new donors and showcase other ways that they can get involved.

Send a survey

to let people share their feedback about the campaign. This is a great opportunity to see what your audience is most interested in and what inspired them to get involved.

Evaluate your success and reflect

Once your campaign is over, its time evaluate what you’ve done. What worked? What adjustments can you make so those things work better in the future?

Repeat the framework outlined in this guide at other times during the year. Implement your adjustments and once again evaluate your success and make any necessary adjustments.

Get in the Giving Tuesday spirit

Regardless of whether your Giving Tuesday plan is small or large, you can set yourself up for success by planning in advance, identifying your goal and strategy, and reaching out to your supporters with enough time to let them know your plan. Leverage potential partnerships to expand your reach.

You can be a marketer this Giving Tuesday by communicating your call-to-action clearly in your emails and on social media. Remember to focus your message and whether you’re asking for donations, volunteers, members or extra sets of hands — make it easy for your supporters to give back this holiday season.

If you’re using Constant Contact for your email marketing, we make it easy to create emails with our special holiday-themed templates.

Log in to use one of our Giving Tuesday templates today.

Giving Tuesday email templates

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