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Though it goes without saying, scoring a Featured Snippet can put you at a significant advantage. With zero ranking superiority being so significant, tracking your Featured Snippet progress, especially as compared to the competition, becomes a central priority of any sound SEO strategy. To facilitate this process we’ve designed a comprehensive Featured Snippets center of sorts where you can track your Featured Snippet performance across all of your keywords. The all-new Featured Snippet Tool provides you with deep and comprehensive daily insights that cover your, and your competition’s, Featured Snippets across all of your keywords. 

Featured Snippets Tool

Featured Snippet Rank Distribution Insights 


Found in the Rank Ranger user interface under the Research tab and covering both Google Desktop as well as Google Mobile, the Featured Snippet Tool begins by showing the rank distribution of the Featured Snippets that appear for the keywords you are tracking. As a result, you can easily see if Google tends to favor specific ranking positions when displaying a Featured Snippet in reference to your own keywords.

Featured Snippet Rank Distribution

Analyze Featured Snippet rank position distribution across the keywords you are tracking

This data becomes significant as Google indeed does favor different rank positions from which to pull Featured Snippets across various niches. In other words, it is not always the case that Google favors the #1, or even the #2 position, for its Featured Snippets. More so, the specific set of keywords you are tracking may in fact buck any of the overall or niche trends in favor of a wholly unique pattern. 

Knowing from which positions Google is pulling content for its Featured Snippets is invaluable, particularly if the search engine is favoring the top one or two positions. Having this insight clues you in as to just how competitive scoring a Featured Snippet for a particular keyword or group of keywords is.

With the tool, you can select to see data on just one keyword that you may be highly interested in scoring a Featured Snippet for. In this case you can see exactly which rank positions Google is pulling content from for its Featured Snippets, thereby allowing you to create a keyword-by-keyword Featured Snippet strategy. 

Conversely, knowing that Google is spreading its Featured Snippet across multiple ranking positions is also extremely helpful. Having access to this information can help you determine how to best allocate your limited SEO resources. In other words, should Google favor multiple positions with great regularity for a specific keyword or group of keywords, it may be more advantageous to work on improving the rank of those keywords where Google is more position selective.    

Featured Snippet Market Share 


One of the hardest aspects of tracking your Featured Snippet success is viewing it in context of your competitors’ performance. To help you know how your 

Featured Snippet Market Share Featured Snippet performance stacks up against the competition the Featured Snippet Tool presents you with the “Featured Snippet market share” of the primary domain within your campaign.

Presented as a pie chart, the data shows you the percentage of Featured Snippets allocated to the competition’s domains across the keywords your are tracking as compared to your own. Hovering over the chart will provide you with the actual number of Featured Snippets that are included within each section of the pie chart.  

This is significant information to have. Primarily, it gives your success some context. While knowing the raw quantity of Featured Snippets that include your URL is of course essential, it doesn’t fully qualify your performance. To have a true understanding of how you are faring in scoring Featured Snippets for keywords, seeing your relative performance is paramount. That is, seeing what share of Featured Snippets include your site’s URL relative to the competition gives you genuine insight into the overall power and effectiveness of your Featured Snippet strategy. 

Analyzing the Featured Snippet Competition Keyword by Keyword 


After providing you with a general look at your Featured Snippet performance relative to the competition, the Featured Snippet Tool provides a highly detailed keyword-by-keyword look at Featured Snippet scorings. The Competition Analysis section of the tool presents a table that lists each of the keywords that you have selected to appear, providing you with a comprehensive set of insights.

For each keyword, the tool shows the domain which appears within the associated Featured Snippet (the tool even provides an active link to the site placed within the Featured Snippet). The table then indicates the organic rank of the site that appears in the Featured Snippet for the keyword. The rank is then accented by keyword’s search volume to help you qualify its value and the significance of scoring a Featured Snippet for that specific keyword. 

Featured Snippet Competition Analysis

Compare your Featured Snippet scorings to that of the competition on a per keyword basis

Since tracking your Featured Snippet performance is your main concern, the table here clearly indicates (via a green check mark) when your domain appears within the SERP feature. Particularity pertinent for those instances when the primary domain does not appear within the Featured Snippet attached to a keyword, the table consists of a separate column that indicates the rank of your domain on the SERP. That is, the tool allows you to compare your rank to that of the domain that currently appears within the Featured Snippet.

Lastly, the tool’s table gives you the ability to see how a keyword’s SERP actually appeared. By engaging the SERP Snapshot feature that is presented within the table’s last column, you can view the SERP for the keyword as it actually exists. To that extent, by launching the SERP Snapshot you can see the title, URL, and description for the top 20 search results. Further, you can also see the SERP features that appeared on the page. For Featured Snippets, the SERP Snapshot will show a box that appears above the organic results with the title Featured Snippet that also includes the associated URL.  

Featured Snippet SERP Snapshot

Seeing data for multiple keywords simultaneously, aside for its efficiency, is helpful in refining a Featured Snippet scoring strategy in that it enables you to isolate both areas for improvement and any scoring patterns that may exist. That is, via the tool’s table there is the possibility of determining commonality between either those keywords that do or don’t show a Featured Snippet with your domain within it. Being able to establish such commonality is significant in that it allows you to more readily isolate what works and what does not work when it comes to scoring Featured Snippets for your specific keywords. 

Putting a Spotlight on Featured Snippet Performance 


Developing a great strategy to dominate the Featured Snippet market is an integral part of SEO as it currently stands. Measuring and advancing that strategy takes careful monitoring based on a foundation of thorough data and trend analysis. More than that, keeping track of your Featured Snippet performance means keeping tabs of the competition. While the industry is focused on determining the nature of Featured Snippets and how to score them, much in the way of tracking actual progress has been overlooked, especially in the context of competition analysis. This is what makes the Featured Snippet Tool so unique, real insight into your Featured Snippet performance that allows you to identify scoring patterns all within the context of competition analysis. The Featured Snippet Tool puts a spotlight on your Featured Snippet performance one keyword (or more) at a time!      

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