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Fuel your brand and grow your business by following this brand marketing strategy and leveraging digital online & offline billboards!

Imagine if you lived in Phoenix and saw this chiropractic brand in all these digital places month over month?

– Digital Billboards around town (image ad) –

– YouTube before you watched videos (bumper ad) –

– Instagram as you scrolled your feed (image or video ad) –

– Facebook as you kept up-to-date with family and friends (image or video ad) –

Would you not consider them the best chiropractor in Phoenix?
Would you not think of them first when you or anybody you know needed a chiropractor?
Of course you would! So would everybody else! That’s the power of investing in your brand.
This drives up search volume for your brand! The cost of your “business name” as a keyword on Google is significantly cheaper then the cost of say “phoenix chiropractors”. Plus, it’s much more convertible! That means more leads at a lower cost. More new customers at a lower cost. It’s a no brainer.

You don’t have to call people that convert off your brand in 5 minutes or you lose the lead
You don’t have to cut your price to beat competitors
You don’t have to spend excess time trying to “sell them on why you’re the best” choice
The list goes on!

The bottom line is, to truly increase the value of your company and grow you business you MUST invest in your brand and create “increased search” for your brand name.

Focus your SEO budget on high cost keywords and spend all your ad budget on BRAND!
If you do this, you will see a huge increase in brand search via organic and paid. That brand search ad should be a broad match of your business name so you can control the ad copy, landing page, ad extensions and more when somebody searches your brand name. If you invest in brand, you’ll see performance from your brand search ad increase month over month.

If you run Google search keyword ads, I suggest you pick the single best keyword with a very tight radius and that’s it. Such as [chiropractor near me] or [attorney near me], which renders the maps extension and is highly convertible. The rest of your budget is on your brand ads only. The rest of the high cost keywords would be targeted via SEO efforts only.

If you only have so many dollars to invest….INVEST IN YOUR BRAND!

Digital Billboards compared to other brand channels bring a certain level of trust and confidence that is hard to match. You see all kinds of brands on IG and FB these days, but only the cream of the crop on digital billboards. At least that’s the perception. So leverage that!

With digital billboards, I suggest investing at least $20 per day per channel (aka: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Digital Billboard, LinkedIn, etc). Invest in at least 3-5 brand building channels at once. Multi-channel is key! So that’s anywhere from $60/day to $100/day per local area.

Additionally give them at least 3-6 months to run. Track:
– Lift in brand organic search / conversions — this is essentially the amount of people searching your business name / brand name on Google each month.
– Lift in direct traffic / conversions — this is people going directly to your website because they know your name
– Lift in Google search brand ad performance — this is the increase in performance from your brand name ad on google search
– Lift in social activity — this is the growth you see on all your social accounts while brand ads are running

Your brand ads should have a HUGE LOGO and your business name should be very clear! You want the brand to be burned in people’s minds. You can also leverage “Top Rated Local® CityVertical” messaging if you’re using the Top Rated Local® review platform on a paid plan.

Keep the ad clean, not wordy or busy and really make the brand big and clear. That will drive brand search!
Update your ad each month, so the billboard stands out to repeat viewers. A simple background color change works great. Very fast to update.

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