DeepCrawl Site Audit Results Now in White Label Reports

We’ve partnered with DeepCrawl to form one of the most formidable SEO alliances in the galaxy! Accessing DeepCrawl within the Rank Ranger software means you have greater access to all of the data pertinent to any SEO campaign (i.e. it’s really convenient to have all your data in one place). At the same time, utilizing DeepCrawl within Rank Ranger opens an entirely new reporting world. Get ready for a new take on the site auditing experience. 

Rank Ranger & DeepCrawl

Exploring DeepCrawl Data Inside of Rank Ranger 

We’ve divvied up the data from our DeepCrawl integration into three comprehensive reports. The goal was simple – to offer you as much DeepCrawl data as we could in the most familiar, intuitive, and well-designed way possible. The result of our efforts are three highly-detailed crawl reports:   

The Crawl Dashboard 


The Crawl Dashboard provides you with a comprehensive, top-level overview of the results produced by your technical audits. As such, we’ve incorporated both DeepCrawl’s data as well as data visuals so as to offer you the best user experience possible. Within the dashboard you’ll find a: 

  • per status breakdown of the URLs that comprise your site 
  • list of data changes between the current and previous crawl 
  • segmentation of your non-200 pages
  • categorical listings of the top crawl issues you’re facing

Notably, you have the ability to customize your dashboard by deciding which of the above elements should display
within it. 

Crawl Dashboard

The Crawl Dashboard presenting data on crawl issues and changes as well as two detailed page breakdowns 

The Crawl Issues Report 


The Crawl Issues Report is designed to provide streamlined access to the issues impacting your site as per a given crawl’s discovery. As such, you can select to see the discovery of the specific crawl you had run.    

Crawl Issues Report

A categorical listing of issues resulting from a site audit as found in the Crawl Issues report 

The crawl issues are presented as the categorical listings of the issues found as the result of a crawl. In this way, the Crawl Issues Report is your gateway to a deeply thorough crawl analysis. The report grants a categorical crawl summary indicating the total number of URLs as well as the number of changes, URLs added, and URLs removed since the last crawl. Also included here are the number of URLs missing from any of the specific Crawl Issues sub-reports. 

Each of the report’s columns can be sorted to show its information in either ascending or descending order. Engaging any specific crawl issue (done by clicking on the name of the
crawl issue) navigates you to the Crawl Reports where you can obtain highly specified insights.  

Site Audit Crawl Reports 

The Crawl Reports provides a sweepingly deep look at the findings of a given crawl. The report is segmented into two elements: a trends graph and data rows that contain itemized findings. You have the ability to fashion the report to your liking by either including or excluding one of the above elements from a given report.  

Site Audit Crawl Report

The trends chart and data rows as seen in the Crawls Report 

The reports available within this section of the DeepCrawl integration are: 

  • Content 
  • Config
  • Links
  • Traffic 
  • Mobile 
  • Performance 
  • Source Gap 
  • Extraction 

Each of these reports can be sub-filtered to show a targeted set of crawl insights. For example, within the Links subcategory, you could choose to show data related to only those pages that contain an internal broken link. 

Once you have selected your desired parameters, the accompanying set of rowed data can be further segmented by those issues that have been added or removed since the last crawl (or that are missing altogether). Of course, you could choose to see all of the aforementioned data together within one set of rows. 

Each row of data contains the DeepRank score, Level, HTTPS Status Code, and indicates if the page is indexable. What each row contains in specific is dependent on the category and subcategory you have selected. For example, rows highlighting pages with duplicate descriptions will contain: 

  • Page Title 
  • Description 
  • URL 
  • Duplicate Description 
  • Primary URL 
  • Found At URL
  • Duplicate Description Count 

When clicking on a URL contained within the rowed data, you will be directed to the Page Report. Here you’ll initially be presented with an overview that contains a slew of data related to that specific URL.

Site Audit Page Report

The Site Audit Page Report showcasing crawl data related to a specific URL 

Included in the initial overview, among other information, is data related to the

  • HTTPS Status Code 
  • Indexability 
  • DeepCrawl Level
  • DeepRank 

Also presented is an overview of the page that includes its title (along with the number of characters and pixels), meta-description, canonical URL (should one exist), and a series of metrics on indexation, content, headings, etc.  

Notably, and other than the Overview, the Page Report accessed via the Crawl Reports offers the ability to see page totals for Duplicates, Found At, and Hreflang metrics. Clicking any of the issues that exist within these categories brings up a set of data that provides further and more specified data related to the
crawl issue in question.  

Site Audit Page Report Details

An example of the specific insights found within the SIte Audit Page Report 

DeepCrawl Data Inside of White Label Reports 

One of the most advantageous aspects of having DeepCrawl data available to you within Rank Ranger is the ability to showcase your site audit success within our white label reports. That is, your DeepCrawl site audit data can now be shared, whether internally or externally, in ways that were not available to the market previously. Specifically, the data your crawls produce can be placed inside any of our white label reporting options

The most prolific of these reporting options would be our Marketing Dashboard. Here, you could showcase your success by creating full-bodied site audit success stories. That is, the dashboard allows you to showcase not only your site audit prowess but the actual real-world impact these improvements have resulted in. Insert any of the reports found within Rank Ranger to demonstrate the correlations between the site improvements you have effectuated and the site’s visibility, rank, traffic, and even conversions. What’s more, the dashboard gives you full access to the HTML and CSS, which means you can create a truly white label report that has the ability to look and feel like any site you want. 

DeepCrawl Data - Marketing Dashboard

DeepCrawl data as found within the 100% white label Marketing Dashboard 

Crawl With Us 

By partnering with DeepCrawl, we invite you to crawl with us. Crawling with us means that you can access the most pertinent site audit analysis while checking on your Google rankings, monitoring your PPC progress,  and surveying your site CTR, site traffic, social analytics, and email campaigns (and of course much more). Crawling with us means you have access to everything you need to run a successful SEO campaign under one roof. It means you have the ability to create unique site audit stories and one of a kind data correlations. Most of all, crawling with us means you have full access to the custom options that exist within Rank Ranger and the support that comes along with it. 

The DeepCrawl site audit reports found within Rank Ranger are located within the UI under: Reports>On-Page>Site Audit 

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Rank Ranger is an SEO Platform designed to standardize management and reporting for the digital marketing world by filling the need for a comprehensive online marketing platform capable of tracking & monitoring campaign data, integrated with 3rd party software and services, providing fully personalized and customized reporting, 100% white label automated reports and a branded web interface.

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